Guess Who's in My Vagina?
Even when I buy a new vehicle — this is my experience — I don’t go right in there and say, I want to buy that vehicle, and, you know, leave with it. I have to look at it, get information about it, maybe drive it, check prices. There’s lots of things I do going into a decision — whether that’s a car, whether that’s a house, whether that’s any major decision that I make in my life. Even carpeting. You know, I was just considering getting carpeting in my house. That process probably took a month… I wanted to be as informed as possible, and that’s what this bill is, having them get as much information as possible

Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R) attempts to justify a 72 hour abortion ban in the Missouri House of Representatives.

He apologized for the offensive analogy, but he doesn’t seem to understand why his actions were so offensive.  

Want him out of your vaginas, ladies (and allies!)?

Contact him!

Address:MO House of Representatives 
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 234
Jefferson City MO 65101 Legislative Assistant:Yolanda Murphy Phone:573-751-3572 E-Mail: 

Here is his Facebook.

Want to do more?  Contact the local media-so the constituents in his area can vote him out!

Bob Rose, deputy managing editor: @brosepd

Christovher Ave: Politics Editor @christopherave

Nancy Cambria: Children and Families Reporter @nanecam

Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly. That’s—I’m not going to tell them what to do, or help them do it, that’s their business. But if we have a pregnancy test, because someone just doesn’t know. That’s probably a way we can help them.

Pete Kelly, Alaskan State Senator, explaining why he supports goverment sponsored pregnancy tests in bars but not contraception.

Want him out of your vagina, ladies?

Contact him!

Toll-Free: 877-665-3709

Session Contact
State Capitol Room 516
Juneau AK, 99801 Phone: 907-465-3709
Fax: 907-465-4714

Interim Contact
1292 Sadler Way Ste. 308Fairbanks AK, 99701
Phone: 907-451-4347


Just parking this here, since I’ve seen a lot of people gushing over how awesome this dude his for making vague comments that could be construed as not quite as bigoted or hateful as the previous pope’s. Please note that he NEVER said he was for full civil and human rights for women and LGBT people.

Here in the US, at least, the church has been trying to interfere with secular law (see: their bullshit around healthcare and reproductive rights, their insistence that it should be okay for them to bar gays and lesbians from adopting children, etc.).  The church is using its doctrine as a justification for its efforts in denying civil and human rights to certain populations.  IDGAF what anyone believes or what any church preaches.  I care when they take active steps to hurt me and mine.

Their efforts have hurt me and mine in direct and very personal ways.

And this is why I still don’t trust the new pope. 

This is why we don’t want government interference.  This is what happens when you outlaw abortion. 

This is why we don’t want government interference.  This is what happens when you outlaw abortion. 

When I think about women, and what women bring to the conversation politically, there’s such an incredible power that comes from who we are. We fight like hell for everything we hold dear, and I think that’s why we scare our counterparts so much.

Wendy Davis (via rhrealitycheck)

Just because I want Wendy Davis to be president.

—-Nieves quickly continued the “senseless argument” after the priest said he was “saddened that any elected official would reduce himself/herself to name calling.” Nieves accused liberals of being “bullies” and then questioned whether the priest supported a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy. When the priest replied that he supported reproductive rights and opposed the death penalty, Nieves wondered whether liberals like the priest were suffering from a mental illness.

“A person commits a heinous crime, the kind we hear about in the news, and they are not allowed to be executed but an innocent baby who is wrapped in the comfort of his/her mother’s womb – Having been created by God – can be literally ripped apart, viciously murdered, and this ‘Man of God’ supports it?!?!?!” Nieves wrote.

Nieves continued to argue with the priest for another 30 minutes, writing that an abortion to save the life of the mother was “a matter of convenience” and that the priest made him sick.

Yeah, this guy.  He’s in your vaginas, ladies.  Please vote him out.  Now.

Here’s his Facebook page:

Here’s his official profile:

Here’s the local media you need to contact to publicly shame him:



This is terrifying. And I fear this is the future we are facing without legal abortion.

The cause of any given miscarriage or stillbirth is difficult to determine, and many experts believe there is no conclusive evidence that exposure to drugs in utero can cause a miscarriage or stillbirth. Because of this, prosecuting Buckhalter opens the door to investigating and prosecuting women for any number of other potential causes of a miscarriage or stillbirth, her lawyers argued in a filing to the state Supreme Court—”smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, exercising against doctor’s orders, or failing to follow advice regarding conditions such as obesity or hypertension.” Supreme Court Justice Leslie D. King also raised this question in the oral arguments last month: “Doctors say women should avoid herbal tea, things like unpasteurized cheese, lunch meats. Exactly what are the boundaries?”

This is the epitome of politicians, doctors, and the general public in our vaginas!  We can now be punished for no reason other than our bodies couldn’t carry a pregancy to term.

We can be in legal trouble for something we have no control of. 

For those of you who wonder why feminism and the right to keep unwanted intruders out of my body matters, this is why.

A Brief Update on Who’s in Your Vagina This Week

These are just some of the latest attacks on your vagina.

The Texas Legislature has passed a 20 week abortion ban, despite Wendy Davis’ heroic fillibuster.

Fairfax, Virginia has passed a sort of zoning ordinance that will accidentally close all but one abortion clinic in the city.  Because those abortion protesters are so annoying, we should close the clinics.  That sounds logical.

North Carolina, when they couldn’t add abortion restrictions to Sharia law, added them to motorcycle legislation.  The only upside to this is that it has given us the funny twitter hashtag #motorcyclevagina. 

Return to Programming

I’ve been distracted and raging at my TV lately, but it’s time to return to programming; publicly naming and shaming the politicians who think that they belong in our bodies. 

See you soon,

Margaret Sanger


One step forward, two steps back:
Despite Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster two weeks ago, the Texas State Legislature pushed through a bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. (Photo by Tamir Kalifa/AP)


One step forward, two steps back:

Despite Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster two weeks ago, the Texas State Legislature pushed through a bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. (Photo by Tamir Kalifa/AP)